Chariots – a Christian game

Chariots is a family friendly racing game with a little bit of a role playing twist set in ancient Rome on the island of Cyprus. Chariots is available for sale right now online from our website.

Players can race on foot, on horseback or in a chariot. Horses and chariots must be won at the races, along with other items which can be used in quests to obtain special mounts and special vehicles. There is a scripture scroll quest also to obtain a special mount. There are 21 races which includes a variety of race types, from traditional land based races, to hippodromes, to labyrinths & mazes, to marathons. There are a total of 17 mounts to be earned and 15 types of vehicles to be earned. One of the quest chariots is available in 12 different colors!

Chariots was produced by an entirely volunteer team collaborating over the internet from around the world. Many said it could not be done, but we are living testimonies that “With God, all things are possible.” We hope you enjoy the races!