Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo (HBTZ) was established in 2003 in the state of Oregon. HBTZ is a Christian software company producing family friendly games with an entirely volunteer team. The flagship project of HBTZ is Visions, an online game set in the 2nd century Holy Land using the TGEA engine by Garage Games.

Visions is a quest and skill based game where the player can experience history as a Roman citizen, study the skills of a trade, and learn about Biblical history through visions and dreams. Visions is still in development.

Also produced by volunteers through HBTZ is Chariots, a racing game set in ancient Rome on the island of Cyprus. Players can race on foot, on horseback or in a chariot. Chariots was released in July 2008 and is available for sale on the website.

Laurene is the Project Leader and Producer of both games. We are accomplishing the impossible, because “With God, all things are possible”.